Rule #1: Put Your Web Address on Everything

Kim PierceallMarketing

Have you seen print ads or listings that tickled your interest only to notice no web address is provided? No matter whether you sell widgets to consumers or highly specialized consulting services in a vertical market, do not neglect to put your web address on pretty much every single thing. More sophisticated corporations not only provide web URLs, but create … Read More

Keeping It Fresh: Watching Language Evolve

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing, Marketing

Frankly, I can weary of new words bandied about by, let’s face it, marketing departments and gurus and the like. The slangfest can get pretty odd. The whole IBM “ideation” situation leaves me with a serious case of the eye-rolls. But we need to keep those eyes on how people (colleagues, clients, young-ins) around us are really using language. The key … Read More

Grotto Communications Website Gets Some Polish

Kim PierceallGrotto: Company & Clients, Marketing

At last. Been working on a pretty makeover over at the Grotto website for some time now. Despite just being primarily a color and style (as in spiffy CSS style for nifty web presentation) updates, I’m always surprised at how tricky it is to find time to implement marketing tasks for one’s one business. Worth sticking it out and pushing through all the details. Hope … Read More

Using Stories to Improve Communication

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing, Marketing

Storytelling isn’t just for arts and media types. Crafting a compelling beginning, middle and end in any type of communication gives people a clear path in to your message.  From mini “elevator speeches” about your work to web site content, guiding listeners or readers with a clear set of directions will engage them and help them understand your point. Learn from … Read More

Who are They Talking To? An Ad Audience Guessing Game

Kim PierceallMarketing

Highly targeted advertising must be working. I see more and more ads that make me go “hunh?” Now, you might assume that I’ve got a reasonably high level of media savvy. Quite right, given my profession and natural curiosity. Yet some of these pitches seem way out there even for my surrealistic tendencies. There’s this TV ad for shoes that … Read More