Farewell to the Best Dog

Kim PierceallGrotto: Company & Clients

We admit that the furry creatures who live with us have important positions here at Grotto with benefits paid out in premium chow, ample playtime and generous petting sessions. Our lovely dog Dennis went above and beyond the call of duty, often meeting with clients for business or socializing. He was that rare combination of sweetness and smarts. Never have I been so privileged to have a dog in my life that was so universally loved by nearly everyone who met him.

Sadly, Dennis passed on last week. He made it through major surgery last summer and his back healed pretty well. But turns out something else was lurking inside. The vets’ best guess was prostate cancer, but our pup was no longer a candidate for surgical shenanigans due to advancing age and the myopathy from the back troubles. After a couple of months in declining condition, it got quite a bit worse last week. He had a wonderful morning on Friday sitting under the gorgeous blooming magnolia tree in our courtyard and chasing his super-oh-my-gawd-favorite jollyball for a minute. Seemed best to go out on a sweet note.

We adopted Dennis in 2002 from Orphans of the Storm where he shockingly had been kenneled for nine months before he picked us when we came to visit. Hadn’t intended to come home with a 5-year-old dog, but we were rewarded a zillion fold for agreeing to be his companions. He brought us so much joy and leaves quite a big hole, especially on the red dot rug where he would sit by my desk.

Many many thanks to friends, colleagues, family and clients for your love and support.

Dennis, we miss you. Thank you for being a jollyball champion. Thanks for being a less-than-helpful tennis ball fetcher. Thanks for putting up with Pocky (kitten). Thanks for introducing us to so many of our neighbors. Thanks for implementing the No Crumbs Left Behind policy. Thanks for being the best dog ever.

dennis dog