Sometimes You Just Need to Ask for Help

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing, Grotto: Company & Clients, Running a Business

By nature, small business owners have a real DIY attitude. You have to when you wear that many hats: ceo, marketing director, receptionist, coffee maker/fetcher/cleaner-upper. It’s a great, and probably necessary trait. But successful entrepreneurs also need to know when they need help.

Maybe it is high time you hired an intern for some marketing assistance or a bookkeeper to handle invoicing, etc. Our bookkeeper Linda not only takes care of AP and AR at Grotto, she offers ideas that have streamlined our processes and improved the bottom line. (She’s with us just part-time so holler if you want her number. She’s great!)

Asking for help doesn’t always mean adding staff or expanding your list of vendors. Remember to ask colleagues, friends and even clients for advice when you are puzzled by something. The whole online social networking phenomenon has some degree of call-and-response built in where the most interactive hubs depend on a give and take of information.

Think nobody wants to help? Especially “in these times”? Think again.

Check out tweenbots. Proof positive that people—even NYC busy people—are always willing to help. Just ask.

Thanks for the link, Charley.