Watch for Ways the World Will Market FOR You

Kim PierceallGrotto: Company & Clients, Marketing

I’m not sure how it happens. I truly don’t give the Olympics a second thought as they approach. Then. Suddenly. I spend night after night watching remarkably fit and focussed youngsters (mostly) performing their feats. Funny, the things you begin to notice.

Just as I wondered aloud if the spike-tastic beach volleyball stars, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor, were sporting Kinesio Tape, one of the announcers answered my question. Yes! The athletes were showcasing a variety of colors and placements for the therapy technique. Check out this boldly taped wave to the cheering crowd.

Next day, I conferred with Grotto client Dr. Deanna Minkler who offers the muscle therapy at Sauganash Wellness Center. Sure, she was glued to the TV that week, too. I encouraged Dr. D to put a piece in her next e-newsletter talking about why the gold medalists were using the wacky-looking tapes. It’s one thing to mention different options to your clients. It’s quite another when a relatively new or lesser known service is broadcast around the world for you!

You never know when an idea or a service begins to reach the next level of awareness or buzz. If you are keen to grow your business, keep an eye out for how others can illustrate the benefits for you. It always helps when you can say “did you see how these winners used it? Ask me for more info!”