Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business: Refresh Your Approach

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social media marketing tips

Is your social media marketing feeling a bit sluggish like a muggy summer night? If you need to stir up a breeze and refresh and increase your connections online, it’s time to re-engage with a better grip on how to assess the environment in which you are posting, your social media content and helpful statistics. You likely already have some … Read More

Wading into Social Media

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Every Little Bit Counts Whether you post on Facebook, tweet every day or shudder with anxiety at the very idea, social media can connect your business to your customers in meaningful — and profitable — ways. One way to be sure it’s NOT meaningful? Post willy-nilly, in fits and starts, and not only will your followers be baffled by your … Read More

Finding Your Voice: Who Are You on Social Media?

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Finding Your Voice on Social Media

You’re starting to get the hang of it. Posting updates on Facebook, creating a page for your business and maybe dipping into the river of noise that is Twitter. But how are other people “hearing” your voice? Do you come off like a knowledgeable and engaging business person? A super chatty wanna-be celebrity? A vague, disconnected cipher? Honing your “voice” … Read More