Time to Go Mobile

Kim PierceallMarketing, Website Design, Web Management

Time to Go Mobile

Does your web site work for those on the go?

Can someone find your business online “single-handedly”?

Think about it. Where are they when people look at your website? If you have a business that targets other businesses, do your clients and prospective clients tend to work on the road or at a desk much of the day? Do you know how — and where— they get information and make decisions?

A majority of my clients (small business owners and NPF directors) still sit at a desk and use a desktop computer or laptop for much of their work. A few use only a laptop or tablet along with their smartphone at this point. So most prospective clients are likely to do their due diligence for a potential marketing vendor or website designer by looking at websites on their computer. They may ask colleagues for recommendations and click on a link from an email response.

But with far more than 56% of US consumers now using smartphones daily, odds are that many people will use a handheld device when they look for or find your business online. It’s time to assess how well your site delivers the goods.

Test how your site looks on tablets and smart phones. Consider vertical or horizontal views. At the very least, does the navigation and call to action work on your site in this format? Can a prospective customer get an understanding of what you do from the mobile version of your site or is it a squinty mess?

Now the mobile view of your site is not going to be as exciting on the handheld devices. The main goal is that the information is clear and the brand is consistent.

Designing websites has always been a game of evolving technology and increasing visitor sophistication. Keep tabs on how your site works on the latest gadgets and make a plan to keep up.