5 Marketing Things to Do Right Now

Kim PierceallMarketing, Running a Business

Yeah, we know. “This” economy is a drag. Entrepreneurs like us are scrambling to put their energy and money into best-bets for breaking even, and just maybe branch out into growth areas. But you can and should make time for a few marketing steps that keep your name and services out there. At least pick one.

1. Be Online and Keep Up

If you have any kind of online presence — blog, Facebook page, Twitter account — do something with it! Don’t forget it or let it go stale (and please ignore any weeks-long gaps in the blog of yours truly). It happens. Life and work get in the way. Do it again anyway. I just saw my alumni association post a request for blogs via Twitter. Piped right up and offered the Grotto blog in a Tweet right back. Every link and listing can bring new people into your world.

2. Stay in Touch

Previous clients, colleagues and all manner of network connections can provide not only referrals and ideas, but help and support. Think about it. Are you leaving money on the table by not following up with somebody about their random question from last month? Could it lead to a new project? Or, maybe that phone call or email will hit them just as someone asks them if they know anybody who does what your company does. Little touch points can make the difference when timing is everything.

3. Update Something

If you have a web site that looks like a brochure at least freshen up the content with some new samples of your work. Post a review about a new product. Update your client list. Add a widget to feed a Google application (news feed, word of the day) to your site. Anything — let’s make that anything relevant! — to keep it looking like someone pays attention to it and to help keep the search engines stopping by. Web site in decent shape? Tackle a sell sheet or pick apart your elevator speech for a better angle to meet buyers where they are today.

4. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t like to network? Vow to attend one new event and engage with some different people about what you do for a living. Do your project management skills leave something to be desired? Ask others how they begin a big project or keep track of little details. Stretching into some new territory may give you just the boost you need to win more clients.

5. Do a Brand Audit

After a while, your logo and all your marketing materials can start to veer away from one another. Some degradation is bound to happen over time when print, event or sales deadlines are rushed and guidelines are out-of-sight/out-of-mind. Gather up a bunch of your materials and look them over with a critical eye. Do they look like they come from the same place? Do they inspire trust and encourage people to choose you? Tighten up your brand and amp up the professionalism of your company.