Right-Size Web Design

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing, Marketing

Right-Sized Web Design

Sometimes the petite pepper provides the right amount of heat for a tasty recipe.

With the arrival of a shiny new year — along with a shiny new decade — the promise of hot tech and the drive for business improvements can inspire many an entrepreneur to take a closer look at the company web site. Would the site deliver better results with some strategic updates? Does the look and feel match the brand? Are prospective clients and customers persuaded to buy.

The best approach for reviewing the site is to aim for what I call “right-size web design”. What are the next best upgrades for your site that will bring you the most bang for your buck? Remember exactly who you most want to reach when pondering an upgrade or makeover and consider these questions:

How often can you update the site?
Keeping content fresh for SEO (search engine optimization) and returning visitors is more critical for some types of businesses than others. Retailers need to keep product and sales info current. Service providers in health and technology need to showcase their expertise in a rapidly changing environment. But monthly content updates may be sufficient while you use your blog for more transitory or conversational info.

Do you need any interactive features?
A calendar or RSS feed can add depth and interest to your site. But if you don’t change up events or info often enough or the site is too busy, these features can also distract visitors and postpone or thwart a potential call or sale.

Can you integrate your social networking activities?
Get your Facebook page, Twitter feeds, blog and more tied in with your web site. A simple icon link will do for some; up-to-the-minute, simultaneous posts work better for others.

Take a good look at your site and talk over the options with your marketing partner or web guru. You can get the right sized upgrades for your site without spending a fortune or settling for the status quo.