Grotto Communications Celebrates 10 Years!

Kim PierceallGrotto: Company & Clients


We are delighted to commemorate 10 years of providing our brand of marketing communications services to SMBs (small- to medium-sized businesses). The path has been sometimes up and sometimes down (and sometimes it was hard to tell which was which!). But reaching this milestone is a testament to the success of our methods and to the quality of our clients’ services.

Back in 1999, I had a vision of offering a menu of sophisticated marketing techniques to companies looking for help. Our first projects included bringing style consistency to a massive association web site gone wild and designing a monthly newsletter for Intervention Instruction, before helping them evolve into a totally online entity. We just finished up another project with Intervention Instruction in the fall and our connection with clients like them is truly gratifying.

Many thanks to all of our clients, friends, vendors, family and fellow entrepreneurs who have been a real joy to work with and a solid support network with us all these years. Take the tour of samples from over the years on the Grotto marketing web site. Stay tuned for the next decade of compelling new brands, results-oriented marketing materials, impressive events and clear, communicative web sites.