Putting Yourself Out There

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing, Marketing

Mind how you post information about yourself on social networking sites as businesses look to the web to compare notes. A recent poll by CareerBuilder.com shows 22% of hiring managers screen employee profiles on Facebook (doubled from 11% in 2006).  Many found discrepancies and promptly eliminated an applicant from the pool of candidates.

Others report positive results (according to this Reuters story): “The survey found hiring managers scouring social network pages was not all bad with 24 percent of these managers saying they found content to help them solidify their decision to hire that candidate.”

If people are looking to online networking sites for new hires, you can bet they are scouring the web for pertinent info on selecting vendors and partners, as well. And, I’m guessing that consumers are onto the trick. The next prospective client that Googles you may well find your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and then some.

This news shouldn’t really be all that surprising or unnerving. Just remember to keep your wits about you as your online circles begin to cross-pollinate. Look for ways you can present yourself authentically, but be mindful that the audience for your online expression may be more complex than you think. I’m sure we can think of creative ways to stay playfully connected on all fronts.