This Time, It’s Personal: Creating Your Unique Brand Identity

Kim PierceallMarketing

Sometimes in the quest to promote our businesses we can get sucked into trying to look like everyone  else. Mimicking the qualities of successful people is fine; it can help us improve and try on new ideas or approaches. But you must stay connected to the core of what makes your brand unique or you risk disappearing into a sea … Read More

Mehvehzeh? Mdvdz? Medvedev!

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing

Anybody else spend the morning trying to pronounce the name of Russia’s new president? Ok, maybe just me. Even listening to it again and again in the radio news reports of his coming out party, I just couldn’t get (gyet?) the hang of it. Putin. No problem. Yeltsin. Fine. Medvedev? Actually it looks better, easier in print. Reminds me of … Read More