Writing and Styling Tips for an Online World

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing

Writing and Typing Tips

Are You Spaced Out? Ok, this first one is actually a typing tip. ONLY USE ONE SPACE between sentences. Anyone who took a traditional typing class back in the day had the concept of pushing the space bar twice after every sentence drilled into their noggins. But in the publishing world — where typography is quite a bit more sophisticated … Read More

A Delightful Fontasy

Kim PierceallCommunicating and Writing

To most, the world of typography is essentially invisible. We read, we write, we see letters of several styles and sizes pretty much all day…in work, ads and right here right now! But the underlying personality that the fonts convey can be rather a mystery to all but the designers and the production savvy among us. If you’ve ever even casually wondered about the … Read More